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Colon hydrotherapy the alternative approach to help with the following.....


* Improve general hydration/anti-ageing

* Detoxification/clear your colon of hardened waste material & harmful toxins

* Stimulate your body's circulation & boost your immune system

* Enhance your absorption from your food & nutrients into your bloodstream

* Relieves flatulence, bloatedness & stomach cramps

* Preventative for cancer

* Increased energy & vitality

* Reducing sluggishness & bloating

* Kickstarting a weight loss program/lifestyle change

* Allergies & intolerance's

* Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

* Relieves constipation/increases regular bowel movements

* Improved skin complexion, helps acne/psoriasis/eczema

* Improved joint movement/arthritis & general mobility

* Less brain fog/improves your mental clarity

* Better sleeping patterns

* Headaches

* Diarrhoea

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Name withheld for privacy reasons

I initially went to see Nancy at Butt I am Healthy as I had heard about it from a friend. I seem to suffer from a lazy bowel so thought it would be good to see if colonics could help.


Nancy makes you feel very much at ease from the moment you step in the door. She explains the procedure step by step so you are aware of what is happening. It is a bit of a strange feeling, but I came away feeling as if I had a thorough clean out.


I felt good, the loss of a couple of kilos was a definite bonus. Need to rebook for another session. Thanks Nancy.

Name withheld for privacy reasons

I heard about Colonics from a friend, at least twelve months ago, and it sparked my interest back then.


Recently my friend told me about a new clinic on the North West, offering colonic treatments, I made a booking and received a call from a lovely lady called Nancy, who is a nurse, then I received information on what it entailed.


I was met by Nancy on the day of my appointment, and put at ease straight away.  The procedure was not invasive nor uncomfortable, once it was over I felt amazing, my bloating and constipation is much better.

I would recommend anyone to give this a go, I’ll certainly be having another treatment.

Name withheld for privacy reasons

I wanted to start  looking after myself by getting onto a weight loss program and needed some guidance with my daily diet.

Nancy was great in suggesting what my diet could consist of to ensure I ate healthy and remove those extra kilos I had put on over the last few years.

Having the colonics gave me that kick start with losing just over 2 kilos in the process.

It is a lovely feeling knowing that Nancy is there when I need her to help me keep on track with my healthy lifestyle. 




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