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Nancy is a hospital trained nurse, midwife and child health nurse and 16 years later obtained her Bachelor of Nursing, and then went on to pursue other university studies to enhance her nursing practice.


Working mainly in community environments Nancy has worked with and supported people of all ages from small babies to older folk to live healthier lives.


On a quest to improve her own health through detoxing Nancy was fortunate to find a very experienced colon hydrotherapist who was extremely passionate about her colonic practice and teaching.  Nancy studied under Shirley Wood who had studied under her grandfather Dr Robert Wood in the USA.


Dr Robert Wood’s colon hydrotherapy technique uses natural gravity to allow water to gently flow in and out of your body.  This sustained low pressure water flow cleanses the large colon while energising the bowel’s natural peristaltic action to push waste through the colon.  


Nancy is especially fascinated and has a hunger for increasing her knowledge re gut and colon health to enable her to offer her clients a holistic experience to achieve their desired wellness goals. 


*  Colon therapy qualifications


*  Graduate Diploma in Wellness with Distinction 


*  Wellness coach 


*  Attends ongoing training 

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